MOD. 875

Immediate Approach and Clamping Sash Clamp with Double Brake

  1. Jaws in Nodular Cast Iron and Desing Extra-strong. More Secure and Resistant
  2. Double T profile. Without Holes
  3. Non-sliding serrated, Tempered Steel Brakes. Fixation on the Bar Absoletely Guaranted.
  4. Support Surfaces Mechanized: More precision.
  5. Ergonomic desing with Curved Silhouette and FriendlyTouch
  6. The "F" force made by the counterweight on the jaw, fixes it to the bar automatically.
  7. Antiblock 1 and slide in both senses 2
  8. The new URKO BARCLAMP is a tool conceived to work QUICKER and to obtain Bigger Resistance.
  9. Tis Barclamp Mod. 875 avoids the Holes in the double T bar, the bolts, the chains, etc...




Bar profile "I" = 80 x 42 mm

Jaws L = 110 mm

Jaws H = 80 mm

Opening a = 100 - 350 cm


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