MOD. 503-H2

Hydraulic Press.

  1. Jaw-Bar fixingwith Rivet-Free System Patented.
  2. Hydraulic System composed by: Cylinder, a Clamping Piston, Multiplier Piston, Safety Valve, Reserver, Chamber...
  3. Handlingby Lever.
  4. Swivel for unparalleled surfaces.
  5. Spheroïdal Cast Iron jaws. Maximun strengh. New ergonomic desing.



Bar Section 35 x 8 mm.

Depth: a = 107 mm.
Depth: c = 129 mm.
Opening: b = desde 20 a 200 cm.





For any aplication, specially where is requested a precise clamping with a controlled and comfortable handling

 Main Features:

-URKO´s Hydraulic press is the only worldwide combining Hydraulic Technology with clamping hand tools, with an amazing result with great possibilities:

  • Clamping force up to 1000 kgs (2.200Lb) and intermediate Levels through a controlled, smooth and progressive way.
  • Multiplier effect on Manual Force: 10 to 1
  • Use with a single hand
  • Instantaneous release by backword mouvement of the lever.



Result: With less effort and more ergonomics best performance.

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